XenoCat Artifacts is an inclusive sci-fi silicone adult toy company featuring over 25 different models in all shapes, sizes and inspirations! Nested within the Rocky Mountains at our home base in Colorado, we began crafting fascinating specimens with various styles of play in hopes to bring a fun and unique twist to the ever expanding fantasy toy market in early 2017 when we first opened our pod bay doors.

Within the last three years, our business has grown from a one person artisain craft shop to one of the more recognized toy makers in the fantasy sex toy industry with a dynamic crew of individuals dedicated to making your fantasies a reality.Xenocat offers a wide range of products and has future plans of expansion into even more bizarre and tantalizing designs in the upcoming years. Currently ranging from dildos, strokers, coasters, eggs, squishies, stickers, monster body pillows, and some really great swag, XCA is on its mission to bring you the best we can offer and more!

We currently travel across the US and attend a wide spread of conventions from coast to coast and offer our products online. We are incredibly thrilled to have been invited to the first Sin City Murr Con as your guests of honor here in Vegas, and hope to see you all at our panels and at our booth! Come buckle up and join our crew as we delve further into the far dark recesses of space. Are You Ready to Embrace the Unknown?