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SCMC is proud to welcome our guests of honor! Their panels will be posted here, as well as in the schedule.


Colby has been heavily involved with the fandom since he could pick up a pencil and paper. It started with art, then merchandise, then onto making fursuits, which he now does as houndsTEETH. Under the moniker knotyourpuppy, he also started producing LGBT-friendly adult fursuit content, adult fursuit additions, and adult art in 2017.

On top of being both polished and well made, houndsTEETH has always been adult-friendly and sex positive. At the time the company was established, it was rare to have both a professional quality suit, and the option for adult additions from someone who knew how to add them correctly and discretely, and that became one of the goals. Though the company is run almost entirely by Colby, his fiance Bandit lends a hand occasionally, and the two of them are very proud to say houndsTEETH is entirely trans and queer run, and happy to work with the very open furry fandom.

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Sin City Murr Con is the first Las Vegas furry convention to be 18+, kink friendly. As an adult only space we offer education, social opportunities, and a safe place for furries & kink to collide for an amazing weekend!
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