Dress Code (a full code of conduct will be posted soon with all rules and regulations)

Sin City murr con invites furries, pups, ponies, and everything in between to join us in a weekend of fun. We still have to set some dress code rules, as we are in a public space!

Here's what we deem acceptable:
-fursuits (full, partial, poodling..)
-full face covers in every area of the hotel
-regular clothes

List of do nots:
-no exposed genitals in any capacity, including artificially made
-no nipples (male, female, or non-binary)
-no exposed buttock
-no exposed diapers
-liquid latex
-body Paint as "clothing" (see above)
-no leashes unless they are breakaway capable

Clark County Rules State and we must abide by, hence our rules
NRS 201.220 Indecent or obscene exposure; penalty.
1. A person who makes any open and indecent or obscene exposure of his or her person, or of the person of another, is guilty:

NRS 201.210 Open or gross lewdness; penalty.
1. A person who commits any act of open or gross lewdness is guilty