February 4th - 6th, 2022 | Las Vegas, NV
Sin City Murr Con

Free Your Wild Side

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18 January 2022
The casino floor is no stranger of mine but the body that laid on it was new. I was trying to make my usual rounds. It seemed to be just a regular, run of the mill night… When I discovered the fox. Wow… The poor lad might have had too much fun for his own good. He was face down… Roped up… Surrounded by a very questionable sauce. I reached down, lubing my fingers with the liquid, giving it a quick taste. A wave of relief washed over me… Ah, yes… Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce. One thing led to another, and the police arrived on the scene. They took the building with blinding speed, taping off the areas. Before too long I was now staring down a small rabbit. She had the curves in all the right places. A look that could make you rock solid with antici……pation. With a quick glance at her chest, I ...
16 June 2021
Sin City Murr Con 2022 Announcement and Updates Greetings! Based on the current city of Las Vegas guidelines, Sin City Murr Con will officially be hosted February 4th-6th, 2022.Per federal guidelines, the state of Nevada, and the city of Las Vegas, it was deemed that large public gatherings will be safe to host in 2022, given the projected guidelines. Nevada has limited COVID-19 restrictions and preventions, but Corgi Events will have their own safety measures in place. We are contractually obligated based on the above to host our event; however, this is subject to change as guidelines change.In regards to Sin City Murr Con registration: All paid SCMC registrations for postponed events will automatically carry over to the new dates, at the same registration level.Those who do not wish to a...

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Sin City Murr Con is the first Las Vegas furry convention to be 18+, kink friendly. As an adult only space we offer education, social opportunities, and a safe place for furries & kink to collide for an amazing weekend!
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